"Big business or small business. Start up business or established business. The rules and the challenges are the same."

Alun Hill

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I've now spent over 40 years running businesses, whilst also interviewing and working with some of the most famous business people in the world.

I've run and managed many hugely successful businesses - all whilst also producing hundreds of radio and TV broadcasts, articles and videos, explaining business to start ups and established businesses alike.

I now travel the word each month, talking to groups large and small about my experiences.

I also sell my courses on business to over 80,000 individuals from this website. These cost between a few dollars and $10,000 each (and these alone make me over a quarter of a million dollars each year).

My business books are available at bookshops worldwide, and on Audible. Many are now being broadcast in video format to Amazon Prime customers for free.

My Twitter accounts have over 60,000 ardent followers.

I've discovered success the hard way - through personal experience ....

... and you can now learn from the these successes, on this extensive website - and from my books and courses.

Alun Hill
Alun Hill
Alun Hill

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Every Business Is Different

Yet Every Business Problem Is The Same .... So, Solve The Problems ......

What You Write About Your Business

What You Write About Your Business

What you write - and how you write it - can make the difference between failure and massive success. Learn how to write in the correct way, for your customers and for the search engines, and succeed.

Business Analysis

Business Analysis

So many business owners don't analyze their business - mainly because it seems like hard work. But it isn't. And, done correctly, you can double your profits - at no cost.

Marketing And Advertising

Marketing And Advertising

Every business owner must understand "AIDA", before they ever write or produce ANY advert. You're throwing your money away, otherwise. Let me teach you AIDA, for free.

Relax! Enjoy Being In Business!

Relax! Enjoy Being In Business!

Your business must be FUN! I believe in enjoying (almost) all aspects of business! Let me show you how!

Meet some of the people I've written books about this year

You can learn from these people - they've done the hard work in business - learn from their success!

Sir Richard Branson

Virgin Group

Of all the world’s current billionaires, probably none are as unique, and successful because of their uniqueness, as Sir Richard Branson. If there’s one guy who just wants to have fun and is making money doing it, it’s him. Branson founded the infamous Virgin Group, made up of nearly 300 companies as diverse as it gets.

Elon Musk

Tesla, SpaceX

Flying cars? Trains that travel faster than airplanes? Colonies on Mars? They’re the dreams of science fiction, and in the minds of certain people like Elon Musk, may quickly become a reality. Those things are just a few of the visions Musk has for the future of humankind.

Jeff Bezos


Of all the world’s tech billionaires, none have been lauded for their leadership as much as Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos. His style and vision has been a constant example of effective business leadership. Most notably, he has completely changed the way we purchase consumer goods and transformed consumer culture.

Thinking of starting a business? Already running a business? Get free online help and advice today - register for my regular, free, informative, newsletters!

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